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    Wickerwork - main techniques

    1, material: is to grow in the ditch, river beside the qi Liu, cut back, packaged into bundles, so as to soak.
     2, soak: soaking that Salix psammophila in wat for about 1 - 2 hours, or even longer, so that the skin of the Salix psammophila is soft and is convenient for peeling;
     3, peeling: scraping off the skin of the soaked Salix psammophila;
     4, airing: putting the peeled qi willow strips in a cool place to be dried for later use;
     5. material selection: the peeled qiliu strips shall be classified according to the thickness and length, so as to be applicable to the prepared materials.
     6, preparation: according to the need and sample drawings for production;
     7, coloring: according to need to wickerwork products coated with color;
     8. painting: varnish the finished product, which is smooth, beautiful and durable.

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