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    How to nurse straw bag

    Straw bag and other bags, also need maintenance and care, so as to effectively prolong the service life of the bag.
     1. straw bag because of the material and manual sewing process, so can't load too much, with no more than 1 kg advisable, if necessary, you can use needle and thread or fishing line to reinforce the weight parts, will have a good effect.
     2. straw bag should avoid long-term sun exposure, strong sun exposure will cause grass fiber pigment oxidation, fade, brittle.  Don't use for a long time, please pay attention to moisture - proof, moth - eaten, it is best to keep in black sealed plastic bags, take out again next year when you will find the light as new.
     3. straw bag dirty can use vacuum cleaner or soft brush, remove the dust in the grass gap, lining dirty hand eyebrow in the United States can remove cleaning, and then use the fishing line.  Straw bag used for a long time, deep cleaning can be washed with water, can't soak, washing is best completed in a short period of time, and thoroughly dry in time.
     4. the primary colors of straw bag is not dyed, so there will be no fading problem, color straw bag is dyed by high temperature steam, in the presence of water or long time in a fixed part of the friction, please pay attention to fade, normal use don't have to worry about fading problem.

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