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    Rattan weaving process

    Rattan weaving generally after rattan ( cut off the knot on the vine ), picking rattan, wash rattan, sun rattan, rattan, rattan ( plane ), cut rattan, bleaching, dyeing, weaving, paint and so on more than a dozen processes.  Rattan weaving is mainly made of rattan, rattan core or bamboo as skeleton, and then made of rattan skin or young rattan core woven, give full play to the characteristics of rattan soft, not easy to break.
     In color, mostly use the original cane light yellow, or processing, bleaching for white, ivory, appear soft and elegant, some with brown, brown, etc.  Rattan furniture with thick rattan skeleton, the nail frame, then with rattan skin, rattan core woven together, finally painted or colored.
     There are more than 5000 varieties of rattan weaving, mainly rattan, rattan mat, rattan weaving, rattan furniture and other 4 categories, with light, cool, durable and other characteristics.  ( 1 ) rattan Sasaki, is the rattan skin woven growth like cloth semi-finished products.  Specifications are 37 ~ 89 cm long, pattern is different, can be arbitrarily cut.  Mostly used for interior decoration.  ( 2 ) rattan seats, divided into primary colors, intermediate color two categories, bed seats, square seats, pillow seats, big seats and sofa seat cover, hand basket, etc.  ( 3 ) rattan furniture, table, chair, sofa, stool, bed, cabinet, tea table, box, screen, etc., including rattan chair production is the largest.  Cany chair and Longfeng chair, peacock chair, plum blossom chair, orchid chair, dining chair, etc.  Since the 1980s, it has been directly woven into large rattan furniture with bulky rattan, such as dining chairs, tables, screens, cabinets, etc. it is simple and straightforward in style, full of natural interest and the flavor of the times, and is very popular in the international market.  ( 4 ) rattan weaving, including daily utensils, toys, decorations, such as hand basket, cans, boxes, lamp holder, frame, bookshelf, teacup cover, flowerpot cover and frogs, pandas, elephants, etc.

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