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    How to distinguish straw bags made of different materials

      Straw bag will become the first choice for almost every girl in spring and summer, but do you know how to distinguish the material of straw bag?  In fact, there are usually small straw straw on the market, corn straw fur, grass grass, paper rope straw and rattan, they have their own characteristics, you see what kind of material straw bag is more suitable for you.
      Soft straw.  Small straw weaving texture is narrow, only about 0.5 cm wide, because it is crushed the small straw, so the texture is thin.  The primary color of this material is Huang Cancan, but generally because the market needs, will be processed dyeing, such as dyeing into red, green, coffee and other colors.  Because small straw after flattening processing, soft and elastic material, and the surface has a beautiful luster, very beautiful.  Let a person look can feel cool and refreshing, very bright, very delicate.
     Tough corn cob skins.  Corn cob skin presents a tightly twisted together texture is very delicate straw rope, they buckle a buckle woven together, this is the hand of corn cob soft leaves twist into rope woven, tough and very texture, decorative, because corn cob skin can be arbitrarily split, so twist out of the rope also has thick and thin, natural color woven again after sewing some colorful patterns, in short woven things beautiful and generous, lightweight and practical.
     Waterproof grass hemp rope.  Grass hemp rope straw generally do not color, dark green primary colors, slightly lighter than zongzi foreskin color, very thin small weaving, extremely close, extremely strong, water resistance is very big, in the rainy season in spring and summer, very suitable for oh.
      Paper rope straw weaving.  Straw weaving is very inappropriate, because not grass, but paper;  Many sellers don't want to say it is paper rope, often vague or said to other materials, because can't face the customer " not afraid of rain?  Can I wash it?  " asked.  Paper rope straw weave a look can see the texture of the thin piece of paper, feel very delicate.  Afraid of rain, can't wash, easy to dirty, but not as useless as imagined, occasionally encounter rain wet, dry soon, there will be no trace.  Its color is very rich, this is its biggest advantage.  If mm people pay attention to durable, had better not buy, if it is bullish on its appearance and decorative effect, of course, can buy.
      Durable rattan.  Rattan can see at a glance, like a small basket of bags, generally combined with leather, bright metal embellishment, very stylish, very durable, corrosion resistance and waterproof, color variety: this white, brown, tan, red, black, purple, etc.

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